How to set up a Wine Ambassador Tasting
Step One

Step One:

Send out an email a week to five days prior to your event. Offer up the DATE, TIME and LOCATION of your tasting, and ask your guests to RSVP. If you have multiple dates set aside for tastings, offer up that detail in your email as well. And, always plan to text your guests a reminder the day before your tasting.

Step Two

Step Two:

Know everything you can about the wines you will be featuring at your upcoming tasting. The fact is, the wines in the Wine Ambassador collections are so delicious, they will sell themselves! But a successful party starts with how well you know the wines first! Start by reading the tasting notes that come with your shipment, and watch the Meet Your Maker videos for the wines on the WA website. And, prior to guest arrival, TASTE THE WINES! You should experience each wine you plan to present so you can be the expert at the tasting!

Step Three

Step Three:

Put out a nice selection of meats and cheeses -- along with some bread, crackers and seasonal fruit -- to serve to your guests with the wine. The food adds a beautiful experience to the tasting, and most of the time, your tasting notes will offer up ideas of what pairs well with each selection in your shipment! Be sure to also print out plenty of WA application, and be ready to share the opportunities your guest will have to access their own shipment of wines each month!

[NOTE: Be sure to have bottles of water to offer your guests, too! Have enough for each guest.]

Step Four

Step Four:

Get ready to share -- the wines, the stories, and all of the joy that comes when you open up a bottle of delicious wine! Be prepared to tell your guests about the 3 Yours Is Free program, and, also be prepared to tell them all about how you became a Wine Ambassador! (Don't ever be afraid to ask!!)

Step Five

Step Five:

Before your guests leave, make sure that you've answered all of your guest's questions, and that they know how to contact you -- and that you've provided them with your Wine Ambassador link! But the most important thing of all is to make sure all of your guests have a SAFE RIDE HOME. Monitor each of your guests throughout the party, and always pour your wine low and carefully. NEVER allow your guests to "self-pour," and make sure you never over-pour yourself. Offer guests a bottle of water toward the end of your tasting, too. Safety is very important, so always be responsible.

Important Final Tip

Important Final Tip:

It's a fact that 90% of your business will come from your follow up efforts after one of your tastings! So make sure you have contact information on each guest, and reach out to each within 24-hours of your event. Feel free to invite the same guest to your next party, too. Exposing them to a great experience is one of the many ways people grow to love everything we have to offer at Wine Ambassador!

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