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Why Join
Wine Ambassador?

"Our Vision Is To Become The #1 Wine Club In The World
Through Word Of Mouth Marketing" - Brett Hudson

Find Out How you can tap into the $300 billion dollar direct to consumer wine industry

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We are more than a "wine club." Wine Ambassador is a lifestyle that begins with wine and encompasses an entire world of wealth. Our seasoned wine experts are on the go choosing wines from known winemakers around the world. We leverage relationships that have been built over the past 30 years in the wine industry.

Our vineyard managers set aside their best products for us to deliver to you for your enjoyment every month. Wine Ambassador brings those relationships to you in the form of great wines, interviews, tasting videos, private events and more. Best of all, we give you the ability to profit from these amazing relationships with family, friends and associates through a direct marketing platform.

Learn and share a deeper understanding of great wine.
Enjoy and a new selection of hand-selected wines every month.
Bring your friends to the table and turn them on to a new life of wine and wealth.

"It is easy to get started!"


Introduce Wine Ambassador to
3 People & Your Wine is FREE

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Refer 3 People,
Yours is FREE!

Enjoy Great Wine On Us

Remember, when three people are referred by you, your wine is free! The same is true for them. How much easier could it be and imagine the great times you will have introducing everyone you know to great wine.


Enjoy Wine. Make Money. It Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This!


Create Your Own Wealth In Wine

Wine Ambassador offers an opportunity for people passionate about wine to build a business with family, friends and colleagues who enjoy wine. Tap into the $300 billion dollar direct to consumer wine industry.

Don't Just Take
Our Word For It!


My husband and I travel the wine country every couple of years and we belong to several wine clubs. It is expensive and we only get to visit a few wineries every two years. Now, with Wine Ambassador we can visit several wineries every month! We can meet the wine makers and taste the wine along with them. Its a dream come true!

Kate S

I have always wanted to be in the wine business but never knew how to get involved or how to go about getting a job in the industry. This is it for me, I love it. It has given me the opportunity to step into an industry that I am passionate about and build a career without working my way up a corporate ladder. Thanks Wine Ambassador.

Suzanne H

Since joining Wine Ambassador I absolutely love the convenience of the wine being delivered to my home, but what I really love is they take the guesswork out and only ship me the finest wines from Napa and Sonoma. Every month is like Christmas, you never know what you’re going to get. It is always a surprise.

Sandra T

Finally I have found a wine club that educates me on what great wine is and how it is made. In the past I have had to rely on the help in local wine stores and they talk about what they want to sell that day. Wine Ambassador not only has educated me on great wine but also deliveries those wines to my door!

Elaine C