Meet The Founders

Our vision is to become the number one wine club in the world through word of mouth marketing. We believe that wine is a lifestyle, a passion and a part of the human experience. Wine is a celebration, with food, family and private moments alone or with someone special. Wine is rewarding, there is something giving about its character. Wine is health. it is proving to enhance your longevity, it feeds the spirit and the soul.

We at Wine Ambassador are committed to delivering a more complete wine experience to our customers by not only delivering exceptional wine, but also the enhancement of life that is captured with every bottle. Every bottle of wine has a tale to tell and we believe you need to be a part of the story.

Lou Zant

Wine Ambassador

Lou Zant is a true marketing and branding pioneer. The collection of business experiences that Lou brings to the modern marketplace spans a wide range of industries including fashion, wellness, and several technology-based ventures. During his nearly 40 years of doing business, Lou has taken three companies to more than $100 million in sales in their first year, and created several brands that are household names.

In the late 1970’s, Lou cofounded Patch Work Jeans, which later became Brittania Jeans Co. Brittania Jeans grew to $900 million in annual sales. The growth and success of his first venture would later help to advance the sportswear division of Calvin Klein menswear. Lou's contributions to the brand catapulted sales of Calvin Klein to $450 million within first two years.

In the mid-1980’s, Lou was appointed to serve in the United Nations as the Director of Corporate Mobilization, Telecommunications & Internet Infrastructure. Lou used his unique and specific understanding of the emerging technology and communication era to start two new ventures: one in consumer electronics, and the other in telecommunications. As the co-founder of Quorum International, Lou took this direct sales company from $0 to $21 million per month in 21 months. Following that success, in the late 1990’s, Lou founded Net Touch Communications (N'Touch) – a successful direct sales telecom service recruiting 185,000 distributors in 5 months – which he sold to Total World Telecom. Two years later, Lou founded his final technology-based company: GoSolo Technologies – a voice activated unified messaging technology company – which Lou sold in 2004.

Since 2004, Lou has continued to consult and advise a variety of companies in the health, technology and wine sectors through one of his own private marketing companies or through various channel partners. His ventures in wine eventually relocated him to Sonoma where he now lives as CEO of Wire Ambassador.

"I’ve learned a lot of things in my storied career as a serial entrepreneur. It’s the people you gather around you in your life that give it the most meaning — and nothing gathers people more beautifully than a bottle of wine. As I began to understand this, it became clear that the quality of the wine had a lot to do with how I enjoyed the sharing experience with others. A cheap bottle of wine, just to drink wasn’t cutting it anymore. For me, this is what the Wine Ambassador is all about, a community for wine lovers, Period. That is why I want everyone to be an ambassador for great wine as it will enhance their lives more."

Brett Hudson

Wine Ambassador

20+ years as a tech exec, created a startup Dot Com Company from the ground floor and took it public within 2 years with Goldman Sachs.

Founded a stored value debit/gift card company in 2001 that was acquired by a publicly traded company in 2003.

Crypto Education/Crypto Mining/Crypto Trading/Blockchain Consultant.

A proven track record of success in team development. Responsible for direct response social media marketing, online/retail distribution, lead generation as well as strategic sales planning that has resulted in high profitable growth both Domestically and Internationally.

Michael Flyer

Wine Ambassador

I was born and raised in the Philadelphia area. I moved to Atlanta with my wife when I partnered with my cousins to form Impulse Marketing Group. We lived in Atlanta for 15 years and had two beautiful children.

My wife and I decided to embark on the beach lifestyle and moved to Jupiter, Fl where we currently reside. Even though I haven’t lived in Philly for many years, I will always be a proud Philadelphia sports fan; Eagles, Flyers 76er’s, Phillies, and most importantly the famous Philly cheesesteak. I enjoy traveling with my family, coaching my kid's sports teams and obviously cheering on Philadelphia teams.

Former COO/Partner of Impulse Marketing. Led Revenue-growth initiatives and was a key contributor in executing $100million+ sale of Impulse Marketing to Collect America.

Led experienced team to support efforts, focused on pricing, salesforce effectiveness/efficiency, and marketing. Drove revenue and profit growth across B2C industries (financial, retail, healthcare) via online marketing campaigns (Social media, Email, TV/RADIO and Affiliate Networks) through Flycom Inc.

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