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Wine is a Lifestyle,
a Passion, and a Part
of the Human Experience

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women laughing drinking wine
women laughing drinking wine
Wine Celebration

From the table of ancient man to your local restaurant, wine has been a part of our history. Enhance your knowledge.

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wine club logo
Fine Wine Club

Wine is a rewarding experience, tasting it, collecting it, and sharing it. Enjoy four great bottles of wine per month.

couple exploring wine vinyard
couple exploring wine vinyard
Wine Venture

Explore the world with us and enhance every aspect of life while you are building new wealth as a Wine Ambassador.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the number one wine club in the world through word of mouth marketing. We believe that wine is a lifestyle, a passion and a part of the human experience. Wine is a celebration, with food, family and private moments alone or with someone special. Wine is rewarding, there is something giving about its character. Wine is health. it is proving to enhance your longevity, it feeds the spirit and the soul.

We at Wine Ambassador are committed to delivering a more complete wine experience to our customers by not only delivering exceptional wine, but also the enhancement of life that is captured with every bottle. Every bottle of wine has a tale to tell and we believe you need to be a part of the story.

Wealth In Wine

Wine is wealth. When you drink and share it, it will make you rich in spirit, if you collect it, it can appreciate, and now you can build a profitable business with it. Today, wine is being sought after by every demographic and eligible age group, but they have nowhere to go to be educated on what to buy and how to enjoy the experience.

As more people step into the world of wine, Wine Ambassador offers a partnership with them to participate in all aspects of the wine business. If you are looking for an exciting opportunity to earn a full or part time income in the wine business just by sharing your experience with friends and associates, we offer an opportunity to anyone willing to join in. Now is the time to tap into the $300 billion direct to consumer wine industry

Refer 3 Yours is Free

An unbeatable deal when you refer three people to Wine Ambassador, your monthly wine is free!

View the Plan

A wealth building plan like no other. Designed for Direct Marketing beginners and veterans.

Go All In

How big can it get? The Wine Ambassador model could be the future you have been waiting for.

Our Promise To You

"We have a personal relationship with each winemaker and their wine. Knowing their style allows us to select great wines for our members, ensuring consistent quality and price. However, if any of our selections become damaged during shipment, let us know, and we’ll replace the bottle." - Rory Ricord

What Separates Us
From The Rest?

It’s more than what's
inside the bottle!

1. Elegant Wine

Our search for wine is personal. We do the tasting, and we work with the winemakers. Wine Ambassador is not a bulk wine club, this is an exclusive membership in a group of wine enthusiasts where our internal wine experts hand select every wine of every shipment, with stories, digital tasting notes and recommended food pairings to get the most out of every bottle.

2. Wealth Plan

The ability to generate personal wealth in an industry that is booming is something everyone dreams of. The Wine Ambassador wealth plan is like nothing the industry has seen and it is available to anyone who has a passion for wine or a passion for business or both. The company was founded by wealth creators and wine enthusiasts, the perfect combination for todays wine market.

3. Let it Breathe

There is more to a bottle of wine than the wine itself. There is its history, the people involved in making it, the land it was made on, the science of how it was blended and aged, and the right way to appreciate it. Wine is a story that draws you in to be a bigger part of it. We offer that wider role for you, the ability to truly be a Wine Ambassador.

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Fine Wine Delivered
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Have you ever met anyone in the grocery store who can educate you on the right wine to buy? Wine Ambassador is the place and these are the wines at unbeatable prices!

We Deliver The Tasting Rooms Of Napa & Sonoma Directly To You Door

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